The Baby Grasshopper pose is an excellent way to hop into spring! It isn’t a traditional yoga posture, but it’s a playful pose that can help build strength and balance, and help the body open up for deeper twists and hip flexibility.

The benefits include: building strength in the core, legs, arms, and shoulders, and opening the hips. This pose is a great warm-up to help the body prepare, the hips, psoas muscle, hamstrings, and IT band. Do note that this pose can put a lot of pressure on the knees, so it’s best to avoid for now if there’s a recent knee injury. The trick for this pose is to push most, if not all, of your weight into the standing foot while pulling the core in and up, so it’s super engaged. That will help lift the hips off the ground.

If you can’t reach your extended foot, no worries, grab a strap or a tie to loop it around the foot and hold on to that. If it’s challenging to keep that floating foot off the floor, consider putting a block or some books underneath to help with support. If the shoulders feel unstable, hug them in closer to the body, especially the one that’s on the floor. Remember to breathe, practice within your limits, and yoga will meet you where you’re at!

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