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emPOWERed is home to a variety of specialty classes, including Aerial Fitness and GRIT.

Aerial Fitness, also known as Aerial Silks and Trapeze, conditions the body to improve balance, core stability, and upper body strength. You will learn to navigate your body around the fabric to climb, create holds, drop, roll, and even flip. All clients must complete an Introduction to Aerial Fitness class before enrolling in our other Aerial sessions. Kids classes are also available.

Intro to Aerial Fitness: For first time students, or repeat students, who want to master the basic strength and technique fundamentals to be successful in aerial arts. In this class, you will learn basic support holds, climbing technique, foot locks, and inversions. Be sure to wear pants that extend below the back of the knees, and a top that covers the armpits and abdomen. All fitness levels are welcome.

Aerial Silks I: Aerial Silk Theory and Choreography for beginner acrobats. This class will focus on breaking down locks, knots, and wraps, as well as sequencing them together. Prerequisite: Introduction to Aerial Fitness

Aerial Silks II: Aerial Silk Theory and Choreography for intermediate to advanced aerial acrobats. In this class, we will focus on complex inverted sequences, drops, rolls, knots, flips, and locks. Prerequisite: Introduction to Aerial Fitness, inversions in the air, foot locks in the air, and basic climbing techniques mastered on both sides. Instructor approval required.

Circus Conditioning: Aerial acrobatics is fun, but it sure is hard. Come join us as we condition the body to withstand the rigors of circus training. Prerequisite: Introduction to Aerial Fitness.

Kids Silks 1: Aerial Silk Theory and Choreography for beginner, miniature acrobats, 8-16 years old! In this class, we will focus on the techniques of applying knot and lock skills into sequences, and begin development of inversions. Prerequisite: Introduction to Aerial Fitness.

GRIT™–LES MILLS GRIT offers high-intensity interval workouts that will increase your aerobic capacity and accelerate fat burning while building strength, muscular endurance and power. Sessions are only 30 minutes long, and focus on explosive movements that will maximize your workout time & allow you to burn up to 400 calories in under an hour.


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