Nutrition & Wellness Counseling

Nutritional & Wellness Counseling

Erin Green, Student Certified Nutrition Specialist, has recently completed coursework in a Master of Science in Human Nutrition program from the University of Bridgeport, and is now embarking on a supervised clinical internship accepting clients. Erin combines nutrition with aspects of Functional Medicine and holistic modalities with an evidence-based approach to create highly personalized nutrition plans and goals to meet each client’s needs.

Erin can provide services for those seeking general health advice, all the way to those with specific conditions or diseases where specific knowledge of diet and supplements is needed, such as diabetes, PCOS, fibromyalgia, arthritis, ADHD, and food sensitivities. You are an individual, and so are your health concerns, habits, and lifestyle; by using this approach the goal in mind is to help you build long term and sustainable habits that best fit your life.

Proper nutrition is a significant component of health and wellness overall, and it’s also a key player in your stride towards achieving your fitness goals. Melissa is a Certified Nutrition Coach, specializing in nutrition for fat loss, performance, and body transformation. She can take the guesswork out of your diet by working with you to map out a food plan that works for your goals and your life! As the owner of True Meal Prep, she will guide you through the meal planning, shopping, and preparation process- leaving you with no reasons not to reach your goal.

If you would like to speak with Erin or Melissa, give us a call at 443-617-0256 to schedule a session!

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