Congratulations to Team Member of the Month, Meaghan Maher! Fitness for Meaghan goes deeper than the size of her clothes, the weight in the scale, or the physique of her body. She started this journey when she was 21 years old — 245 lbs XXL clothes and Zero confidence.

Meaghan had no clue who she was but knew she needed to make changes and wanted to FEEL good. At her heaviest doing burpees, tuck jumps, and all things high intensity seemed impossible, she wondered if there was a way to feel good, be healthy, and fit WITHOUT dieting or following a program. There’s no way she told herself until she discovered dance fitness, mainly Turbokick.

She felt alive and had FUN while sweating. Now, all she wants to do is show the world around her that it is POSSIBLE to conquer impossible thoughts. She wants everyone to know the only opponent a person has is the one in their mind. Meaghan fell in love with fitness through dance & expression to be her true self, and she wants to teach everyone how to do the same; to embrace who you are now, feel alive and confident, all while having fun!

Meaghan currently teaches Turn Up at emPOWERed and aspires to get her group fitness certification in a few months! We love her spirit, drive, and ability to make anyone feel comfortable in her class! Check her out in Turn up Saturdays at 9:00 am and Fridays at 6:00 PM starting next week!

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