Have you been hearing about GRIT but still have no idea what it is or why GRITTERS are super dedicated?

GRIT is an original Les Mills program that is scientifically proven to transform your body by shredding calories and building lean muscle. The program focuses on cardio, strength training, and plyo-metrics, and each class has a high-intensity feel. Thanks to the HIIT style workout, your body continues to burn calories for hours after you’ve left the gym. GRIT classes are only 30 minutes long and run just twice a week, but the results are huge for such a small time commitment.

Still not convinced? Join us for free GRIT demos from March 10th-17th! Check our schedule for specific times and dates. All demos are free for members and non-members alike.

Ready to commit? Our next GRIT session starts on March 19th. In preparation for summer, we are extending our normal 8 week session to 12 weeks! Get ready for whatever the warm weather has in store by joining a GRIT team! Just go to “enrollments” from the Mind Body app to pick your team and sign up.

For those interested in taking GRIT to the next level, ask us about our GRIT PLUS option! GRIT PLUS includes the 12 week GRIT session, (12) 30 minute Personal Training Sessions, and an unlimited 12 week gym membership at emPOWERed!

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