This step-by-step tutorial will help you purchase and/or register for our virtual classes with your favorite coaches and Trainers!

Step 1
Go to Under Services, select "Virtual Home Workouts"

Step 2
Click the link to purchase a pricing option or access classes

Step 3
Once you select an option, you'll be directed to the emPOWERed's Mindbody Consumer Site. You must log in using your Mindbody credentials to complete your purchase or access the classes.


Step 4
Now you're logged in! You must have a virtual 10-pack, a drop-in, or an active regular 10-pack to view the video workouts. To purchase a virtual 10-pack or drop-in, select the "Online Store" tab, and choose a pricing option.


Step 5
To access pre-recorded classes or attend a LIVE virtual class, select the "Virtual Home Workouts" tab. You'll see a list of videos available for you to view. Select a video of your choice and enjoy!

Step 5


After you purchase the pricing option, you can log in to the emPOWERed's Mindbody Consumer site and view the media content.

Here are the steps you will take to view the media:

1- A client buys the pricing option.
2- The client logs in to consumer mode and clicks on the Virtual Home Workout tab.
3- The client now has a screen that lists all media links associated with that tab.
4- As soon as the client clicks on a media link, the software deducts a visit from the pricing option, and it turns red. Clients can keep viewing that media until the media expires without a second charge (media will be available for 7 days). Media will open in a popup window; popup blocking must be disabled to view it.
5- The number of different links a client can click on depends on how many sessions remain on the client's pricing option. For example, if the media pricing option has two visits, then clients can only visit two unique links.

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