emPOWERed Fitness offers a variety of LIFT classes including: Full, Upper Body, and Lower Body LIFT Classes designed to meet all of your weight training needs.

If you just started working out or you’re an experienced gym addict, but are looking for the ‘secret’ workout to see better results. Implementing a lifting routine, even just a few days per week, will give you the results you’re looking for, it will burn more fat than cardio alone! If you’re scared or intimidated of the weight room, it’s normal. The quickest way to break that fear is jump into a LIFT class or learn proper lifting form with a trainer-maybe even with a friend to help break the ice. No matter where you are starting it’s never too late to implement a new approach, including weights with good nutrition and cardio, to achieve the healthiest version of you!

“How should I structure lifting?”
If you’re new to lifting, start with just 2-3 days per week. Here’s an example
workout split:
Day 1: Upper Body (Chest/Back/Arms)
Day 2: Lower Body (Legs/Glutes/Core)
Day 3: Full Body (Conditioning/Shoulders/HIIT)
If you’re more advanced, don’t be afraid to mix up your lifting routine! Try new
workout splits, but realize you need to focus on more isolation of those muscle
groups the more days you lift. Here’s an example of a workout split:
Day 1: Chest & Biceps
Day 2: Legs (Quad Focus) & Core
Day 3: Back & Triceps
Day 4: Legs (Hamstring/Glute Focus) & Core
Day 5: Shoulders & Full Body Conditioning/HIIT
Always LIFT before cardio, 30-45mins of lifting & 20-30mins of cardio is your KEY!


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