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Hip Hop Cardio

Let’s set the stage … you are driving down the road and “that song” comes on the radio. You know which song; the one where you can’t stop yourself from turning it up and car dancing your heart out. Now imagine that level of fun wrapped into a cardio workout! Using a blend of classic Hip Hop and R&B favorites, as well as the recent chart toppers, our Hip Hop Cardio class is full of “those songs” destined to let loose the inner dancer (and singer!) from inside even the shyest of participants.

Are you nervous about being the only non-dancer in the room? Although we do have experienced dancers who take the class, most of our clients do not have formal dance training. They are there to have fun, sweat, and dance to get their cardio in because running on a treadmill or elliptical all the time is, well, boring. And this class is anything but boring!

Worried about keeping up with the routines? To be fair, the first class will probably feel like drinking from a fire hydrant – with steps flying at you full throttle. Rarely do clients come out of their first class saying they nailed every routine; however, perfect execution of the dances is not the goal, nor is it required, to experience the benefits of the workout.

So, how will you grow past your ‘fire hydrant’ first class experience? As with every venture, repetition is key. When a dance step is present in a routine, it is repeated throughout the dance. The repetition persists within each class, as certain steps and/or patterns will be present in multiple songs. This allows for various opportunities, in the same 1-hour class, to practice the skill. Think of it as perfecting your squat! Finally, there is the continuity of the class format in general. Once a routine is introduced in class, it will remain for a series of weeks. There is a gradual introduction of new routines every couple of weeks, so that each class is made up of familiar favorites, as well as new challenges.

Now it’s time for us to ask you a question … what are you waiting for?! We’ve already established that you enjoy great music and having fun, so take the last step and turn that into something good for your body too. Check your inhibitions and fears at the door; we’ll see you on the dance floor!

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