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Zumba® is the dance-fitness class that blends Latin and World rhythms into a fun, interval workout. Maybe you’ve heard about it? If not, where have you been hiding for the last 10 years?! With a mission to provide exercise in disguise, and a tagline of “Ditch the Workout, Join the Party”, it’s easy to see how it became the fitness craze that took over the world. Commercials on television reference Zumba® classes, celebrities have sung the program’s praises, and Latin music heavy hitters (the likes of Pitbull and Shakira) have created songs specifically knowing they will blast to success thanks to Zumba ® lovers.
Zumba® Is Everywhere. Literally.
You may ask why then, in a world saturated with Zumba® classes, is emPOWERed offering this established program alongside some of the latest and greatest group fitness trends?
It’s simple really …
1. We believe that, when truly following the high/low interval approach of the routines, this class provides a solid workout incorporating cardio, muscle conditioning, balance, and flexibility exercises. That’s a fundamental and well-rounded approach to any fitness offering.
2. Our instructors have dance backgrounds and love to dance! They focus not only on the workout, but the flavor of each of the rhythms, so that you feel as if you are dancing the style versus simply going through the motions. One of the biggest reasons for the success of Zumba® is that no two classes are the same – thanks to the instructors leading them – and we believe the energy and experience our instructors provide is proof as to why the program has experienced such longevity.
3. Lastly, we pride ourselves on providing a gym atmosphere that is welcoming to all, regardless of fitness level and workout preferences. We realize that we have boot camp clients and we have dance fitness clients. Sometimes we turn them into being lovers of both; however, we always strive to offer options and variety so that everyone can find a workout they enjoy.
So, in a world of established Zumba® fitness classes, come see why our clients leave sweaty, but smiling, and return week after week for more!

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