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BODYATTACKTM by Les Mills is a full body workout that will target your agility, your coordination, and your stamina. Whether you are a beginner or a fitness addict, you will leave this class with a sense of accomplishment. You’ll combine athletic and strength training movements to burn calories while also toning and shaping your entire body. All of this is set to a catchy playlist that you will enjoy as you work out as well. Before you know it, class will be over and you’ll be left feeling re-energized.
Who can take this class? BODYATTACKTM is for people of all ages and fitness levels. The moves are easy to follow and low-impact, so you can adjust the intensity to your level. It is recommended that you take 2-3 classes a week for optimal results, but you can start with one or two and work your way up from there.
What do I bring to class? We have all of the necessary equipment, so just focus on bringing your enthusiasm, a water bottle, and a towel. Wear clothing that is non-restrictive and comfortable. Athletic shoes are also recommended since you’ll be doing moves like lunging, jumping, and running. As always, feel free to bring a friend- the more the merrier!

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