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Aerial Fitness

What is Aerial Fitness?

Also known as Aerial Silks, Trapeze, and Circus Conditioning, is a fitness class that improves your balance, coordination, and core/upper body strength. The exercises will focus on your conditioning, joint rotation, and mobility, regardless of body type.

The soft hammock made of silk fabric can hold up to 1,000 pounds. It hangs from the ceiling (hence the word aerial) and suspends you allowing you to perform a variety of exercises. The effect of supported body weight and gravity will help improve posture, extend muscles, and align joints.

You don’t need to have any acrobatic or gymnastic skills to perform any of the exercises to fall in love with aerial or antigravity workouts. So, if you think you don’t have the stamina or strength to perform certain exercises, don’t worry! Our introductory classes will teach you the basics of how to safely perform exercises, along with basic footholds, technique, and inversion skills. The intermediate classes focus more on flips, drops, and choreography.

You’re in control of maneuvering the fabric so that you can hold or perform the exercises at your own pace. You can also use it for common resistance exercises such like push-ups by placing your feet on the fabric, or tricep-dips by placing your palms on the fabric. If experience knee problems, this anti-gravity workout will have little to zero impact on your knees. It’s very easy on the joints as it reduces the amount of gravity during the workouts. Essentially, Aerial Fitness classes can reduce stress on both the mind and body. If you’re a yogi, you can also reap the benefits of becoming better at mat poses during your yoga sessions. Specific exercises on the silk wrap will give you the experience on how a yoga pose should feel on your body. Also, at the end of class during the cooldown period, enjoy the precious opportunity of finding your Zen.

Our Aerial fitness classes in Baltimore are here to make beginners feel comfortable without the force of pushing difficult or circus trick on the individual.

Wondering what you should wear to an Aerial Fitness class?

We recommend form-fitting clothing that covers the armpits, knees, and midriff are best for maneuvering around the fabric. It is not recommended that you wear jewelry or accessories that could get in the way of the fabric.

Aerial Fitness is for men, women, and children 8 and up. It is required that everyone take the Introduction to Aerial Fitness class prior to advancing to any other Aerial classes, such as Aerial Silks, Lyra, or Circus Conditioning. Always remember to have fun! If you felt uncomfortable during your first class that is completely normal. It may take your body a few classes to get familiar with being suspended in the air performing different movements and body positions.

Available Classes

Introduction to Aerial Fitness: For first time students, or repeat students who want to master the basic strength and technique fundamentals to be successful in aerial arts. In this class you will learn basic support holds, climbing technique, foot locks, and inversions. Make sure to wear pants that extend below the back of the knees and a top that covers armpits and tummy. All Fitness Levels Welcome.

Aerial Silks I: Aerial Silk Theory and Choreography for beginner acrobats. In this class we will focus on breaking down locks, knots, and wraps and sequencing them together. Prerequisite: Introduction to Aerial Fitness.

Aerial Silks II: Aerial Silk Theory and Choreography for intermediate to advanced aerial acrobats. In this class we will focus on complex inverted sequences, drops, rolls, flips, knots, and locks. Prerequisite: Inversions in the air, foot locks in the air, and basic climbing techniques mastered on both sides. Instructor approval required.

Kids Silks I: Aerial Silk Theory and Choreography for beginner miniature acrobats! In this class we will focus on the techniques of applying knot and lock skills into sequences, and begin development of inversions. Prerequisite Introduction to Aerial Fitness.

Circus Conditioning: Aerial acrobatics is fun, but it sure is hard. Come join us as we condition the body to withstand the rigors of circus training. Prerequisite: Introduction to Aerial Fitness.

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