Cardio Studio

Our sleek cardio studio is equipped with everything you need to get your sweat on & heart rate pumping.

Group Fitness Studio

Studio 1 and Studio 2 provide natural light, ample space, and high ceilings-giving all of our classes an open and energetic vibe.

Weight Room

From dumbells and squat racks, to the one and only Hi Trainer in Maryland, the Weight Room lends itself to strength, agility, cardio, and endurance training.

State of the Art Facility

Equipped with a top-notch weight room, two group fitness studios, and a sleek cardio studio, emPOWERed provides an edgy and intimate atmosphere for you to achieve your fitness goals. We’ve brought in the best equipment, so you’ll never grow bored with your workouts.

Get in Touch With Us

Interested in learning more about one of our classes or services? Hit the Contact button below.

Our facility is currently closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Please visit our "Virtual Home Workouts" tab under Services for our virtual home workout program.

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